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Formality free wedding ceremonies

You’re getting married! How exciting! I’m Jess May, your very own Wedding Celebrant Brighton! here to create a wedding ceremony you actually DO want. Relaxed, informal, ceremonies full of meaningful connections.

We don’t want ‘Register Office’

We don’t want ‘Bored guests’

We don’t want ‘standard’’

We don’t want to have to ‘explain’

We don’t want ‘Church’

Jess was incredible. We couldn’t have asked for a better, more inclusive ceremony. It was 100% us & we loved every minute.
Jessica & Walyson

Jessica & Walyson

Intercultural Rock ‘n’ Roll Wedding Ceremony

Thanks so much for making our small wedding so personal and entirely celebrating me and my husband and what makes us us.
Christy & Stef

Christy & Stef

Interfaith Wedding Ceremony

I now feel married as I spiritually married my husband last weekend with the support of Jess. She is just amazing I don’t have words to describe her , she just amazing.
Jasmin & Luke

Jasmin & Luke

Woodland Wedding Ceremon

Want to get married in Mum’s backgarden? or on your favourite beach?

guess what?!


Don’t want to say things you don’t mean?

Guess what?!


The service was totally unique, heartfelt and brought happy tears to everyone’s eyes…it was such a memorable day and would never have happened without Jess..

Paul & Leo

Paul & Leo

New. Beginnings Wedding Ceremony

She is so open and joyful and easy to talk to. She understood what we wanted from really early on. She suggested bringing our daughter into the vows and I can’t thank her enough for that

Laura & Adam

Laura & Adam

Urban Chic Wedding ceremony

In our minds it was a no brainer, having witnessed Jess’ work before and being in the presence of her undeniably charismatic and contagious personality ..

Rebecca & Amy

Rebecca & Amy

Welsh mountain wedding Ceremony

Here's what is next: ALL CEREMONIES
How do Weddings Differ? Celebrants cannot conduct the Legal side of a marriage yet. Discussions are ongoing regarding the licensing of Celebrants to do this. Currently the legal side of marriage needs to be done by a Registrar either at the Register Office local to you, or at a venue.

Registrars will not offer a personal service like mine. They will often see 5 couples in one Summer Saturday. They will not meet you in advance and they will also only offer you a template. When a venue tries to persuade you to pay for a Registrar you can do one of 3 things:

1) you can pay for the licensed venue (a ‘Licensed Venue’ is a venue that has paid for a ‘License’ to allow Registrars to conduct Legal Ceremonies. You will be paying extra for a venue with a ‘Marriage Licence’ like this.

Don’t let this put you off. You will be paying for a Package and as part of that package you will be paying for the services of a Registrar but you don’t have to use them. If it really is your favourite venue, just decide to book the venue and pay for a small Register office signing.

2) You can try to persuade them to offer you a package without the Registrar fee

3) You can find an Unlicensed Venue that does not include the services of a Registrar and this frees you up to marry in your Mum’s garden!

Remember that many people have to split the legal process from the ceremonial if they live in countries other than the UK, or if the timing isn’t right and for other logistical reasons. There are venues who are sympathetic to this.

WON’T THIS COST MORE?…well, not necessarily. The Wedding Package is the Wedding Package and. your venue has to be Licensed for that but honestly if it is YOUR FAVE venue you are paying for the venue anyway. The Register Office charges are actually minimal when factored into the cost of a Wedding.

HOW DO WE SORT OUT A REGISTRAR/REGISTER OFFICE CEREMONY? it is really important for you to know that the Register Office will do all they can to pretend that you have to pay them lots of money.


WON’T IT BE SAD NOT HAVING THE LEGAL WEDDING ON THE SAME DAY? it all depends upon how you see the Legal aspect of the wedding. For my clients the legal work is simply paperwork and it is the ceremony that really MEANS SOMETHING

WILL IT FEEL LIKE A PROPER WEDDING? oh yes! trust me on that!