Affirmation Ceremonies, Affirming who you are!

Becky and Korny’s love story

If you ever felt that you didn’t belong or you just feel a little different, then you probably belong with me. My goal is always the same, whether it is a Wedding, A Naming or a Celebration of Life, to affirm you and the people you love through the ceremonies we create together.

It doesn’t matter how different you feel, I know there is a ceremony for you, you belong in it  and I want you to have it….!

Evelyn’s tree planting ceremony


My goal is to affirm you, to celebrate everything that makes you ‘you’. Your relationships, your stories, beliefs, identities and personalities and those of the people you love.

Gorgeousness at Karen and Bryan’s all out bash

This is what makes my ceremonies vibrant ceremonies full of energy and flair. Because they celebrate you, they vibrate with vitality and humour, personality and soul and you belong in them.

Sherren and Eli starting out on their new voyage

Have a ceremony that affirms your lives, your value, gives you a voice. Affirming ourselves is the beginning of healing. My ceremonies can enable a sense of transition to new beginnings and a new confidence in you, your relationships and your future..

Becky and Korny’s love ceremony

Approved by me!

Approved by me!

Unique Humans, Brummies, Neuro-divergent gorgeousness, Anxious Anyone, Free Spirited Boho Bandits, Hippies with histories, Mischief-makers

A banana

Spiritual Voyagers, Interfaith Indpendents, Mental-Health Marvels, Spectrum Glory, Non-conformist characters,

Jenny and Sam’s Whimsical Woodland Ceremony

Dissidents, Non-binary fabulousness, Queer People, Queens, Glorious Gays, Lovely Lesbians, Transgender Terrificness, Sirens with Sass

Hannah and Rachel

Sensitive souls, Label Loathers, Differently-Abled Dancers, Shy, limelight shirkers & Bold limelight seekers.

Me and Shereen

Trauma Survivors, The Fierce and the Frail. Post-Church Exiles, Brave but Bereaved, Colourful and complex, families in crisis and families at peace, Creative Makers, Gigglers, Dreamers, Artists, Circus Performers, Misfits & more!

A Kangaroo

Affirmation ceremonies are a big communal round of Applause

When we have affirming ceremonies we applaud ourselves for being human, for having value, for belonging in this world together. Affirming Ceremonies can be Gratitude Ceremonies for all those in your life. They don’t have to be ‘about you’ if you don’t want them to be.

Becky and Korny’s lovely family

Never been my thing!

Never been my thing!

‘The idea of ‘Normal people’ (yawn), ‘Your Perfect Day’ (it’s one of many), ‘The Best Day of your Life’ (ditto), Bridezillas, Divas, gimmicks, cliches, bored guests, Compulsory ‘FUN’ in capital letters, tedious templates, frigid formality, dull doctrine, stuffy sayings and ridiculous rules. Also… Dickensian Funeral Directors in top hats and tails, raw peppers, the concept of ‘selflessness’.

Fabulous Chloe signing for her Mum on her wedding day

Affirming Myself! here are a few of my favourite things

A few of my favourite things

I love mischievous individuals, naughty 90 year olds, small  children saying random things, cats playing chess. Eccentrics please me the most. I relish the absurd humour born of the bizarre ways we live our lives. Anything with a sense of the ridiculous, like me feeding my magpies golden sultanas for good fortune!. The small details of our lives fascinate me, the paradoxes in human nature, the idiosyncratic weirdness we all possess.

a sweet little child at Claire and Guy’s Outdoor’s Summer Wedding

The contradictions and creative tensions within us all. The ‘why’ of it is really my thing. I’m intensely curious about people. I love imaginative minds, a sense of wonder. 

Wondrous canopy at Jenny & Sam’s ‘Spiritual but not Religious’ ceremony

Esther Perel’s brilliant mind, and company helping me making connections on a run with her podcast along a canal. Couple’s Therapy, Queer Eye anything redemptive, transformative, transitional.

me with Bryan and Karen

Serve me glossy, foaming Hot chocolates, sweet with cinnamon and savoury with spice, cardamom notes warming the soul. Let me experiment with plant based dishes and over-feed you then show me comedies that gives me stitch. Let’s laugh until we cry. 

one of my arty shots of my favourite indulgence a hot choc or a flat white

The taste of sea spray on my lips and the smell of the air as the waves come in, seaweed!. Trees and trees and trees. Soft green lawns, wiry grasses, parks full of people. A Rhajistani Circus, a juggling troupe juggling bright red apples for fun.  Fresh, scented flowers after the rain.

Newly picked bunches of autumn dahlia in the September dusk. Violet storms and the white silence of snow. 

our beautiful garden in the snow

My cousin’s vivid paintings, her crazy ghost hunting ways. Nephews, nieces, brother, sister, the generosity and kindness of treasured friends. a lingering hug; a held hand. My lover’s joy, the light in his eyes when he hears me laugh.

beautiful Mrinal who brings me joy

The velvet fur of my Burmese cats, their funny chatter, their psychic vision, their childlike play, their exceptional counsel..

cat baby Seymour

The fragrance of citrussy oils misting the air, Creative thinkers. Variety & Colour & Difference.

Natalie and Bobton’s irresistible daughter

New perspectives and ways of thinking. Bring me dreamy, painterly cinematography and the ancient tales that cities tell. Those worn out stones, doors made shiny with use. Give me incense-fogged Churches, sparkling Temples, Mosques and chic cafes full of burnt roasted air and conversation. Give me the wisdom of old ladies who take me to task. Sound baths, singing bowls, floating on water, healing touch of oil on skin.

Hannah and Rachel’s wedding reception

Paint my nails, shiny and tempting. Dress me in Golden suits and fragile lingerie. Selflessness is no longer for me. Watch me change with the moods of the moon and gasp with delight when i see your face.

Give me sensuality, give me discovery, give me adventure and a swanky notebook with a brand new pen.Bring me your mysteries, your spiritual sensibilities, ways of thinking, together we will affirm you in it all. 

me and bride Rebecca in The Algarve on the beach on her wedding day