Wedding Day anxiety.

Do you have Wedding Day Anxiety? Pre-wedding nerves are normal. Book a Wedding Celebrant to help you relax.

Jess is in a Chocolate shop choosing chocolates and picking them out with tongs. Behind her is a RELAX sign on a white wall. she is wearing a black leather jacket and has orange, pink and blue rainbow hair
Book a Celebrant and relax at your wedding ceremony

So, you have Social Anxiety, you are an anxious person, you’ve been through a lot lately and it has affected your confidence. You may be grieving someone who should be there isn’t there and you worry that you will become overwhelmed. There is no need to do it alone. Book a Celebrant, we will support you through it and take care of everything so that you don’t have to deal with your Wedding Anxiety alone. If you need helpful platforms and resources I will have them handy!

I’m so anxious that i want to cancel the wedding!

Here is a word of advice which i hope will help you. Only cancel if you are having the wedding for someone else and you really don’t want to go ahead. Otherwise, if you really want to have your wedding but fear that your wedding nerves and anxiety will get in the way, please don’t cancel your wedding ceremony. Celebrants are here to help with your concerns about being centre of attention at a wedding ceremony. We are a safe pair of hands and have all sorts of secret tricks to help you to feel safe.

A beautiful image of a bride with cropped dark hair looking like Audrey Hepburn.  She is in a blush pink sequinned dress. the dress is sleeveless. She is looking out of the window smiling whimsically. She has porcelain skin and looks calm. she does not have wedding day anxiety
You could be calm like this beautiful bride on your Wedding Day, even if you have Wedding Day Anxiety

My Kindred Spirits are often anxious and are drawn to my laid-back approach

Find our more about my kindred spirits by clicking on this link here to discover whether you are one of them! Having worked for many years with a neurodiverse, mixed community of performance artists called Spectra Arts I am very experienced with anxiety. Spectra is one of my passions and you can find out more about the company here: My role was as a Creative Enabler for the company and often that meant being alongside people who were anxious. I still see myself as a Creative Enabler but for ceremonies rather than performances.

A Celebrant is your friend throughout the process, during the ceremony and often for life
Make Wedding Anxiety a thing of the past. Photo by

If you book a Celebrant we will take time getting to know you and if you have Wedding Anxiety you can share that with us. You need to know that you will be emotionally safe it is important that you know the person who will be with you on such a significant occasion. We have all sorts of tricks to help you to overcome your nerves. Don’t like being centre of attention? We’ve got it covered. Don’t want it to be all about you? then don’t make it all about you….feel that everyone else has taken over and you don’t feel comfortable? I can help you to get back control of your own wedding day.

A bride and groom are having their hands tied together with ribbons at a handfasting. Their families are tying the ribbons. The bride is on the left as you look at the photo and she has lilac flowers in her coronet and embroidered on her dress. The groom has dreadlocks and a black headband. He is wearing a brown jacket and has a beard. The family members are a woman in blue lace on the right and a man on the left with short hair and a blue suit. All of the people are white.
involving your families at your wedding ceremonies can take away the focus from you and that can help to manage your Wedding Anxiety

Most families have ‘family dynamics’ and therefore often mediate within families. I’m very skilled at working with people with different opinions and relationships. Celebrants can offer to do rehearsals for you to manage your nerves. As a Celebrant with experience of anxiety I often point out the exits so that if you need to escape you can! Why not sit down on chairs instead of standing so that you don’t have to balance on your heels!

Involve your families to help calm wedding your nerves

Maybe you are nervous about public speaking and this brings out your Wedding Anxiety, this is a really good reason to book me. Create vows where all you have to do is say ‘I do’, alternatively we can arrange it so that you exchange letters and don’t share publicly. Seat people in a circle so you don’t have to be at the front. Let’s avoid the ‘walking down the aisle’ part but just cutting it out. Your Wedding Anxiety doesn’t have to take over your day or cause you to cancel.

Jess is walking away from the camera. she has orange hair and a black headband and the bride has her arm around Jess' neck. The bride is wearing an off the shoulder lace dress with buttons all the way down the spine of the dress. The dress is ivory. They are in conversation as companions.
A Wedding Celebrant can be your champion. Photo by Alex Ford Photography
If you need your very own Wedding Champion to help manage your Wedding Anxiety call me!
Jess is hugging a bride in a sleeveless lace dress. jess is wearing a floral dress in lilac and pink and has a leather jacket in black.
Banish Wedding Anxiety and book a Celebrant instead

From the moment that you book me to the glass of fizz after your ceremony I will be cheering you on all the way.

Jess was amazing from the first day we contacted her, she listened, she understood and she just got what we were about. Because of this she enabled us to have the day we wanted, she gave me the confidence to be the bride that I wanted to be not the bride every one thinks you should be….book her now and dont hesitate and miss out on being able to express who you are an what yiu want. I trusted her to take over the baton in the day and she went above and beyond to ensure our story and our day wqs everything and more….eternally grateful for her care and attention and constant reassurance and complete candour. We love you Jess 💜 thank you for just being you x

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