Real life love stories: Sarah, Kieran and Family


I have been asking my couples to write up their Love Story for us so that we can enjoy it too. Here is Sarah and Kieran’s Love Story, written by Sarah herself. Sarah and Kieran are one of my many online dating Stories…as you can probably see from the first picture! From Sarah and Kieran I discovered the term ‘Rainbow Baby’ a baby born shortly after a miscarriage. To me at least Sarah and Kieran seem so young to have suffered so much loss and sadness but they are so inspiring with their positivity and desire to give so much back to the world. They are applying to become Foster Parents and looking forward to a new beginning. I loved hearing their story and I know you will too. Many of you will relate to their story. We are going to create a ‘Family Ceremony’ for this family. We are going to create a table centrepiece made from white ‘angel feathers’ and fill it with a candle each for each living child and each unborn child and incorporate it into their ceremony. A keepsake for life. Sarah and Kieran want the Full Works for this time round. As a Wedding celebrant I have come to realise that Wedding ceremonies mean so much more to people than ‘The Dress”.

Wedding ceremonies mean so much more to people than ‘The Dress”.

Sarah and Kieran opted for my Live Local Love Local Special rate. I can travel to their Birmingham venue on my Wedding Bicycle Daisy. Pictured here on an outing to Richard and Lucy’s Wedding at The Edgbaston Hotel. I offer a discounted rate to couples getting married in local Brum Venues. It protects the environment, supports local businesses and keeps me fit all at the same time.

Sarah and Kieran’s story really affected me. After all that they went through Covid struck and like everyone else their plans kept getting upended and the constant uncertainty, and the need to work 24/7, are hard to manage. They barely see each, other as one goes out to work, the other comes home.. Like many of us, their diaries were so full that they didn’t have time to meet with me for a long time. But eventually we met in person, and I met their gorgeous children and heard all about it. We have sketched out a plan for a beautiful ceremony involving all the children. For Sarah and Kieran this ceremony is all about ‘Moving on’.

For Sarah and Kieran this ceremony is all about ‘Moving on’.

Here in Sarah’s own words is Sarah and Kieran’s Story

Thanks to Sarah for taking the time out from a busy schedule to share this with us.

It started in 2007 boy meets girl online not knowing they lived 9 doors apart

2012 they met again but she had something to share

Going through a divorce at the age of 22 and being a single mum was he the right person for me and my daughter Lilly?

This man waited years to be with the lady he longed for but to do that he would need to step up and become a step Dad…..the bond between him and Lilly was so strong he ignored the comments made about taking on someone else child.

I thought I married the first time as I knew what love was…..I divorced young and became a single Mummy to this incredible little girl it was me and her against the world……I didn’t think the boy who I met years before would even want to take me and my daughter on

Unfortunately in October 2014 life tested us when we nearly lost Lilly due to car crash we was told to expect bad news but she was a fighter and it brought us closer as a family and wanted to try for a baby with Kieran

Unfortunately bad news followed when I lost Kieran’s first born child…….

Then straight from a miscarriage came our rainbow baby daisy what a shock it was to us but an amazing blessing even though she kept us on our toes 4 weeks early and 9 days in ICU

After Daisy we lost 3 more babies and every time hurt even more why us. Why would this happen to us?

We married October 2016 he stole my heart so I stole his last name our wedding wasn’t perfect and so many things went wrong leading up to our day but we kept going and one day we would renew our vows to have every Bride and Groom’s perfect day

Then when times couldn’t be more surprising this little lady joined our family in July 2019 6 weeks early and giving us a scare the whole pregnancy.

Kieran longed to make Lilly his official daughter and a battle of having to explain why the court granted the adoption.

Lilly felt so over the moon and that joy spread. Our family was perfect

Blessed with 3 beautiful girls we decided to end all heartache and now allow ourselves to lose any more so Kieran chose to undergo a procedure to ensure heartache could happen.

We are not normal and life throws things at us but love brings us together and we are renewing our vows to show strength and ensure memories are kept alive, close the door on all the bad things and take on the future ahead with what we have right now. No one will ever take away our pain of our babies but we can cherish the moments we create with our 3 children. Family is everything and sometimes someone walks into your life at the right and this man did he changed my life forever ❤